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Special Prize

The crQlr Awards 2023 Special Prize honors the practitioners of "New Relationship Design".

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Statement from the Chairman of the crQlr Awards

Loftwork Inc. Sustainability Executive / FabCafe CCO / crQlr Awards Chairman

Kelsie Stewart

As the chairman of the crQlr Awards, I'm thrilled to witness the diversity of applicants and quality of projects in this year's submissions. The value chain in the circular economy is both long and complex, largely as a result of economic rationality. That is why this year, I was excited to see an increase in projects that go beyond connecting the values in the "front" and "back" of the supply chain by challenging established social and business norms.

In this year's submissions, I was inspired by both the "soft" and "hard" approaches which were expressed through the lens of this year's Special Prize theme, "New Relationship Design". On the one hand, we saw artists who move their audience to deeply question our relationship to waste materials, sometimes with our human bodies as the new recycling machine. On the other hand, the quickly approaching and high-potential opportunities in the new "internet of waste" points to a hopeful future where technology can be better leveraged for creating well-designed and scalable closed loop systems. Both types of projects encourage and even reward various stakeholders, including the general public, to lean in, and discover new potential along the entire value chain.

Looking ahead, the future of the crQlr Awards appears promising, building upon the momentum generated by the impactful projects of 2021 and 2022. This year, I am especially excited to bring our community closer in a more tangible way through the Circular Summit, which will be hosted offline in FabCafe Tokyo, Barcelona and Bangkok. I invite you to join us, have a coffee, and witness for yourself the strength of circular design for our shared future.




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