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CirculaRElectronics by VERTMONDE


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  • Doing the Hard Work Prize
  • Sustainable Devices Prize




Judge’s Comments

Darlene Damm

Faculty Chair and Former Vice President of Community and Impact, Singularity University

Doing the Hard Work Prize

We have covered our world with mines, factories and logistics systems to mine metals, create parts, and build electronics. While these technologies are vital to modern life, the world is also facing a massive problem with e-waste, which is connected to both pollution and climate change. It can be tempting to come up with new solutions to try to solve these pollution and climate change challenges, but sometimes the best solution is to actually reverse what we have done. The project demonstrates how we can not only extend the life of technology, but create "reverse logistics hubs" to recycle and undo what we have built - still while keeping the end product. What if our world put as much effort into taking things apart, repurposing pieces and repairing damages as it puts into building entirely new things? This project demonstrates that if we put in the effort and hard work, we can reverse the problems we have created. In this case, they have done so at no financial cost and even creating a profit.

Kosuke Kinoshita

FabCafe Kyoto MTRL Marketing and Production

Sustainable Devices Prize

Electronic devices have become a kind of personal infrastructure. Everyone should have the right to own an electronic device regardless of their location or economic circumstances. At the same time, we need to implement a circular system of product development, distribution and recycling in order to reduce e-waste and prevent the depletion of rare metals. This project also helped me realize, as someone who relies on other parts of the world to handle production and disposal of these resources, that we need to explore more ethical ways to collaborate.


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