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The Mother Reef

Oyster Heaven

  • #Sustainability
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  • #MarineRestoration


  • Earthwide Restoration Prize
  • The Ocean Restoration Award





Judge’s Comments

Hiroshi Irie

Manager at the East Japan Railway Company in the Innovation Strategy Division, Digital Business Unit

Earthwide Restoration Prize

The disappearance of 85% of the world’s oyster reefs due to environmental changes has had a tremendous impact on marine ecosystems. It could also be a threat to humanity in the long term. This project is reversing that trend by producing and distributing mother reef bricks, contributing significantly to the restoration of these underwater ecosystems. This will also benefit food supply and demand in the medium to long term and is aligned with the goals of the SDGs. The project has massive potential to scale up globally as the mother reef bricks can be deployed on standard fishing vessels, making this a highly practical and realistic solution.

David Tena Vicente

FabCafe Barcelona CEO

The Ocean Restoration Award

By creating a new, biodegradable artificial reef substrate, "The Mother Reef" offers a scalable and cost-effective solution for oyster reef regeneration. Its design, leveraging widely available materials like clay, is both innovative and practical, enabling large-scale restoration efforts.

The project's impact extends beyond environmental rejuvenation. It plays a pivotal role in supporting coastal communities and fishermen, who are integral to its implementation. By involving these communities in planting and monitoring the reefs, the project not only provides new jobs but also contributes to preserving traditional livelihoods. This approach fosters a deep connection between people and their marine environment, encouraging stewardship and sustainable practices.


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