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Anam PALF® by Ananas Anam

Ananas Anam

  • #Textile
  • #AgroWaste
  • #SocialImpact


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Judge’s Comments

Guillaume Charny-Brunet

SPACE 10 Co-founder & Director of Strategy

Preferred Material Prize

"As the Textile and Footwear industry is directly responsible for nearly 10% of global GHG emissions (more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined), innovations and solutions like Anam PALF® are not only inspiring - they are necessary.
I remember being very impressed when touching and feeling Piñatex® - their pioneering low-impact alternative to leather - back in 2016. Since then the project has evolved to become a model B-Corp, whose impact can be felt across continents and industries. Their holistic approach and relentless efforst to innovate and create virtous production systems can be transformative for the textile industry and thousands of farmers on the ground. Maybe one day, this can be coupled with agroforestry and polycropping so that leather can be “cultivated” even more regeneratively."


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