The future is circular, just like our awards.


The crQlr Awards are a global award to design a circular economy

How can we transform our current economic system into a circular one?
We are gathering projects and ideas to design a new future.

Our values


Circular, not linear

Most design awards are linear. Entries are solicited and evaluated, winners are decided, and prizes are awarded at a final gathering. The crQlr Awards are different. More than a simple awards ceremony, they include networking events open to all entrants, where ideas are developed and catalyzed through exchange.


Action, not prestige

The crQlr Awards exist to put ideas into action. From large-scale projects to ideas in the planning stages. From ideas that have lost traction to ideas still being nurtured in secret. The point is not to reward achievement, but to support the realization of ideas through feedback, mentoring and public support from our international panel of judges.


Gain from global perspectives

The crQlr Exhibition will be held at three FabCafe branches (at FabCafe Tokyo, FabCafe Barcelona, and FabCafe Bangkok) in March, 2024. The crQlr Summit Tokyo will be held at FabCafe Tokyo offline and/or online in the same month. The aim of the crQlr Summit is to provide a forum and place of learning including open feedback, questions, and discussion.

Judges 2023

A Global Award

Community voices

2022 Winner: GURUGURU Radish

Thanks to this award, unprecedented cross-industry exchanges have occurred, deepening awareness and understanding of the circular economy among our customers and internally. This has contributed to the growth of our brand. Over the past year since receiving the award, positive impacts have spread, such as revitalizing existing services and accelerating product development from new perspectives. It's not something that happens overnight, but through creating lateral connections based on shared values, we continue to recognize the significance of this award in shining a light on ideas.

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2021 Winner: INOW

Winning this award gave us the opportunity to collaborate with many people who have a comprehensive understanding of circularity. Being a part of crQlr inspired us and has allowed us to reach people we couldn’t have reached before. As a result of winning the award, we were able to meet and have a discussion with David Benjamin, a professor at Columbia University, and his graduate students, who took part in INOW’s educational program. This interaction gave us a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and receive feedback. By holding workshops and other activities, we were able to convey the purpose of INOW, and we are truly grateful for this experience.

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