About us

What is crQlr?

We challenge social and business norms through cross-industrial collaboration. Our mission is to realize a more resilient, equitable and even regenerative future, hand in hand with the creators of the future.

Our vision

To transform our current economic system into a circular one with the creators of the future


From Linear to Circular

Since the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century, the economy has been characterized by mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal, forming a high environmental burden "linear economy." In contrast, the "circular economy" aims to reduce environmental burden through recycling and high efficiency achieved by technology, closing the loop of production, consumption, and disposal processes. How would you design new products, services, and a new ecosystem to realize a sustainable society?


From Consumption to Regeneration

What kind of company would be considered "good" in a circular society? In a circular economy, moving away from the traditional linear consumption model and achieving smart "regeneration" becomes the criteria for excellent companies or organizations. If you were a future CEO or an employee, what kind of company would appeal to you? Thinking about new societal systems and components like this is essential for circular design.


From Closed to Open

To enhance sustainability and competitiveness in the global market, the grand design of industries should serve as the infrastructure for a circular society. In a circular society, moving away from closed innovation driven by traditional siloed industrial structures and corporate self-sufficiency, open innovation becomes increasingly vital. This involves incorporating diverse ideas from other companies and achieving them through collaborative development. How would you design an open industrial structure?

What we do

Our work connects the local community to a global platform through projects, workshops, tours and more.

  • Awards

    Global award to discover and support diverse projects

  • Project

    Deploying ideas in tangible ways

  • Workshop

    Deep dive to facilitate discovery and development

  • Meetup

    A series of talks by people engaged in the circular economy

  • Summit

    Networking and learning from award winners and judges

  • Tour

    Field research of circular ecosystems