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Transparent Solar Windows

VP for Ubiquitous Energy

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  • #climatesolution
  • #renewableenergy


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Judge’s Comments

Lucy Lu

Director General of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City

Lit up a better world Prize

This technology isn’t exactly new or just recently discovered, but the possibility of windows generating enough electricity to power each household is hugely exciting for those of us who live in places like southern Taiwan, where it’s hot almost all year round. With our abundant solar resources, we’re looking forward to this day coming soon.

Hiroshi Irie

Manager at the East Japan Railway Company in the Innovation Strategy Division, Digital Business Unit

Everyday Environmentalism Prize

Solar panels are commonplace around the world, but the type that also allows light to pass through tends to perform poorly in terms of efficiency and cost. This product is trying to solve that. It can be applied to general purpose glass and achieves the same level of performance by converting heat from infrared and ultraviolet light to electricity, giving it enormous potential for widespread use. It’s also relatively inexpensive, although we don’t have exact pricing information yet. As they could potentially offset 10% of global carbon emissions, transparent solar windows are a commercially viable and tremendously impactful product.


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