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Briiv Air Filter

Five Create Ltd.

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  • The Air-volutionary award





Judge’s Comments

David Tena Vicente

FabCafe Barcelona CEO

The Air-volutionary award

The Briiv Filter project exemplifies a remarkable sustainable approach in air purification technology. Its innovative use of natural materials like moss and coconut in the filtration system not only marks a significant reduction in waste compared to traditional air filters but also represents a pioneering approach in the industry. This project is particularly notable for its potential to revolutionize the way industries view and manage air filtration. By employing a composition of 90% natural materials, Briiv Filter not only mitigates the environmental impact but also elevates the standards for industrial air purification. In industries where air quality is crucial, Briiv's biodegradable and compostable nature offers a compelling alternative to the prevalent use of synthetic filters. This transition to natural, renewable materials in air filtration could lead to significant reductions in industrial waste, aligning with global efforts towards a more sustainable future.


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