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Project "TSUMUGI"

General Incorporated Association Upcycle

  • #Upcycle
  • #Sustainable
  • #Made in Japan


  • Long Live Paper Prize
  • Live and Learn with Nature Prize





Judge’s Comments

Lucy Lu

Director General of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City

Long Live Paper Prize

Paper thread is a technology that has existed for centuries in Japan. In recent years, with advances in science and materials research, this technology has not only reduced the amount of washi paper used, but also created new possibilities in the fashion textile industry. I especially like how materials such as felled timber and recycled paper are applied to a paper thread concept. This eliminates a constraint of traditional paper thread, the need for longer fibers, while also making a bigger contribution to the environment.

Hiroshi Irie

Manager at the East Japan Railway Company in the Innovation Strategy Division, Digital Business Unit

Live and Learn with Nature Prize

The concept of creating something new without disturbing the natural environment left a deep impression on me. New technologies bring convenience, but they can also have adverse effects such as environmental pollution and labor exploitation. Tsumugi is a paper thread spun from waste paper and thinned wood from forests. I believe that upcycling rather than recycling not only gives new value to things, but also fundamentally alters the consciousness of everyone involved in the process. I would love to see this kind of upcycling process repeated for various other materials as well.


Special Prize Winners