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Co-producing value-added, biodegradable plastics and additives from agricultural byproducts


  • #Bioplastics
  • #Synthetic Biology
  • #Biomanufacturing


  • Scale Tipping Scale-up Prize





Judge’s Comments

Guillaume Charny-Brunet

SPACE 10 Co-founder & Director of Strategy

Scale Tipping Scale-up Prize

Powered by microorganisms, armed with scientific breakthroughs, capital and MOUs, Ourobio is on a mission to foster a circular economy with synthetic biology. Their ability to turn various low value industrial byproducts into actual high value low-footprint biomaterials is impressive. I find their proof-of-concept on dairy processing byproducts particularly compelling on its own. Dairy industry wastes including lactose, protein and fat contents are important environmental pollutants. So far techno-economic analyses have mostly been for biogas production. Here, Ouriobio is able to co-produce bio-based plastic resins and colourants - lowering the cost, footprint, and difficulty for brands and retailers to adopt 100% bio-based and biodegradable products and packaging. With 133 million dairy farms globally (over 600 million people living on them) and rising demand, the potential of such technology is enormous.


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