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Hair Recycle

Dung Dung asbl

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Judge’s Comments

Sachiko Hirosue

Osaka Namari-Suzu Seirensho Co., Ltd. President and CEO

Miracle Material growing on our Heads Award

Hair donations to make wigs has been much celebrated, but hair to absorbant mats! What a perspective, that is, of taking advantage of the unique properties of hair, which we have all seen while taking a bath. The fact that this can replace absorbents made with polypropylene is exciting (less petrochemical based products used), but also needs to be tested to be used as reinforcing fibers in concrete to truly bring things circular. This is a material to chemistry application, beyond or despite the aesthetic element. This is what makes this project special.

As a material for upcycling, it is very complex. Everyone and anyone can actively choose to donate and participate. It is democratic in this way. Culturally, hair means different things to different peoples. To adapt the concept to different locations, this part needs to be resolved, perhaps in collaboration with anthropologists, sociologists, artists. Hair is an emotional and physical extension of ourselves, with lots of symbolism and meaning. The spirit is thought to reside in hair in Japanese ghost stories. Would you trap an unrequited soul in a building material? Would you live in a building embedded with this material?

The hope is that after the Hair Recycle project, Dung-Dung asbl’s next line-ups take these ideas further.


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