crQlr Awards 2023


The following points, as well as the jury’s individual points of view and areas of interest, are used as the basis for evaluating the applicants.

  • Is the work creative? Does it show an insightful understanding of circular economy or novel collaborative relationships? for People
  • Does it have an overall positive and measurable impact on the environment? for Planet
  • Does the work provide solutions to the challenges faced by society and business for activating a circular economy? for Profit

The aim of the crQlr AWARD is not to award the “best” projects, but to discover and support creative, unique and promising projects that give a new perspective to society and individuals aiming for a circular economy.


Perspectives for project ideas

  • Material

    New bio-materials, upcycled materials and processing technologies that disrupt the linear economy. Thoughtful products and services that make use of innovative materials. Activities which leverage sustainable materials in a clever way.

  • Products & Services

    Products, apps, experience design, DX, and services that provide new value for a circular economy. Designs which make us think, “This should have been here all along!”

  • Art

    Art projects with measurable and immeasurable impact. From large-scale initiatives to individual works of art. Bio-art, speculative art, works that give us hope and incite an emotional response while impacting society, education, economy, and manufacturing industries.

  • System

    Positively disruptive systems, supply chain management interventions, business strategies, modular systems, and other inspiring system-focused projects.

  • Education

    Educational initiatives applying circular economy principles: fostering sustainable practices and resource efficiency in learning environments.

  • City

    City plans embracing circular economy: innovative projects recycling resources, minimizing waste, and fostering sustainable, interconnected urban ecosystems. Cities and towns that have developed ESG and are committed to change with measurable, sustainable goals.


Individual Jury Prizes

Each of the Judges will award a personalized prize name and individual comment to up to 5 entries.

FabCafe Global Special Prize

We invite submissions for projects and ideas that practice circularity by transcending traditional industrial structures and systemic frameworks to establish new relationships among stakeholders, regardless of genre or scale. We will recognize and award three outstanding initiatives.
From the activities and projects recommended by our panel of 10 judges, the top three selections with the most votes will be chosen. Additionally, selected projects will receive comments from multiple judges. These recognized projects will have the opportunity to be exhibited and presented at the crQlr Exhibition at FabCafe Tokyo (Shibuya) in March, 2024 as part of our ongoing efforts to promote and celebrate these innovative endeavors.


  • Winning comments/feedback from select judges.

    ​​​​Winners will receive individual prize names and comments from crQlr Judges. These prize names and comments will be posted on Loftwork and FabCafe media channels. The comments will be considered as Creative Commons and winners are permitted to use them freely.

  • Award Certification Logo for use as PR material.

    Winners will receive “crQlr Awards Winner” logo to promote their award-winning project.

  • PR in media

    Media coverage on FabCafe, Loftwork websites and social media. Media coverage on outside media sponsor communication channels, such as IDEAS FOR GOOD and Circular Economy Hub.

  • Interview article with the awardees

    Select winners will be interviewed and have their projects promoted on IDEAS FOR GOOD and Circular Economy Hub.

  • Exhibition at crQlr Exhibition

    Select winners will have their projects displayed at 3 FabCafe branches (at FabCafe Tokyo and 2 other global branches) as part of the crQlr Exhibition scheduled for March, 2024. We will provide support for round-trip airfare from within Japan or overseas, as well as a 3-night stay in Tokyo (up to one person per winning project).

  • Participation in crQlr Summit

    Potential to be invited to the crQlr Summit Tokyo scheduled for March, 2024 to present projects, take part in open discussion sessions and receive live feedback from judges.


We have extended the application deadline to November 13th (Monday), 23:59 Japan Time.
  • OPEN CALL period … Tuesday, Sep 19th, 2023 – Friday, November 10th, 2023, 12:00 JST Monday, November 13th, 2023, 23:59 JST
  • Evaluation Period … Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023 – Wednesday, December 6, 2023
  • Winners Announcement … Jan, 2024
  • crQlr Exhibition … March, 2024

Application outline

Submission period

2023年9月19日(火)12:00(日本時間正午) 〜 2023年11月10日(金)12:00(日本時間正午)


Anyone can apply regardless of nationality, age, or gender. Entry is open to the public and can include individuals, groups, municipalities, startups and/or established companies. Working professionals as well as students are welcome to apply.

Cost of entry


How to enter

Entries for the awards should be submitted online using AWRD (“Award”) at, a creators’ platform run by Loftwork Inc. Entrants will need to create their own AWRD user account(free of charge) to submit their entry.

* Multiple entries per person are allowed.

  1. STEP 1

    Registration on the AWRD website.

    To submit your project, please make a free account on the AWRD website.

  2. STEP 2

    Review the application requirements

    Please make sure to review the application requirements in advance.

  3. STEP 3

    Fill out the entry form and submit the application.

    There is no limit to the number of entries per applicant. Multiple entries are allowed.



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