Lucy Lu

Director General of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City

Lucy Liu holds prominent positions within the cultural and creative landscape of Chiayi City, Taiwan. She serves as the Director General of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, playing a pivotal role in shaping the city's artistic direction. Furthermore, her position as the Chief Curator of Taiwan Design Expo '21 highlights her expertise in orchestrating innovative and captivating exhibitions in Chiayi City. Her involvement as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Taiwan Design Alliance further underscores her dedication to fostering collaboration and excellence within Taiwan's design community. Moreover, her role as a director at Demeter Design Consultant Co., Ltd. showcases her leadership in the realm of design consulting.

Judge’s selections

Exuberant Prize

Sea vegetable Circulation


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Black Gold Prize


SUNFAR Biotechnology Co., Ltd.|REWOOD X DAWOKO

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Lit up a better world Prize

Transparent Solar Windows

VP for Ubiquitous Energy

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Long Live Paper Prize

Project "TSUMUGI"

General Incorporated Association Upcycle

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Power from Bottom Up Prize

Creating a sustainable society. "Circular Action in daily life"

株式会社ECOMMIT ブランド戦略部 広報ブランディンググループ 所属

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