David Tena Vicente

FabCafe Barcelona CEO

David Tena Vicente is the CEO of FabCafe Barcelona. David graduated from the University of Barcelona with his degree in physics which has provided an extensive knowledge of mathematics, electronics and the practical application of mechanics. Projects at FabCafe Barcelona are viewed analytically, adapting and altering when necessary due to complex and unexpected situations. These skills are combined to provide training to universities and businesses and also guide David his management of the resources and ongoing projects at FabCafe Barcelona.

Judge’s selections

The Sea-rcular ecosystem award

Sea vegetable Circulation


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The Air-volutionary award

Briiv Air Filter

Five Create Ltd.

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The Future of Food Sustainability Award

Guilty Flavours

Eleonora Ortolani

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The Ocean Restoration Award

The Mother Reef

Oyster Heaven

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The Blue Economy Award

Gravity Wave - Plastic Free Oceans


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