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DiFOLD Origami Bottle


  • #reuse
  • #circulareconomy
  • #designinnovation


  • Genie in a Bottle Prize





Judge’s Comments

Guillaume Charny-Brunet

SPACE 10 Co-founder & Director of Strategy

Genie in a Bottle Prize

The Origami Bottle is one of my Coup de Coeur this year. Not only because it is the first foldable bottle made of 100% plants, but because it might be the “bottle that hides the forest”. Sure, the Origami Bottle is a smart, clean and innovative product, with great design and the potential to change our single use culture. I love that it only takes a fraction of the space when empty and folded - very practical on the move. Hopefully higher volumes and future partnerships with brands, suppliers and retailers will help bring its price point down. But beyond the bottle, it is the proprietary foldable geometrical patterns that holds a transformational potential. It could be used to create a new generation of reusable packaging and containers, leading to space and energy saving in transports, and even facilitate reverse logistics which are so important in circular economies.


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