• #Ceramic water filter
  • #3D clay printing
  • #Decentralized



  • #Ceramic water filter
  • #3D clay printing
  • #Decentralized


  • Inclusive and Indispensable Prize
  • Safe Water Prize
  • Infrastructure-for-the-People Prize
  • #Ceramic water filter
  • #3D clay printing
  • #Decentralized




Judge’s Comments

Anni Korkman

Programme Director of Helsinki Design Week & Weekly, Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, Luovi Productions Ltd

Inclusive and Indispensable Prize

Considering how drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce all over the world I’m amazed this innovation didn’t yet exist. This long-lasting, ceramic water filter is aesthetically timeless and self-explanatory yet the innovation itself is still caught in time. Inexpensive to manufacture and requires very little maintenance. Looking forward to witnessing the next steps towards commercial scale manufacturing.

Yuri Naruse

Architect, Founder of NARUSE・INOKUMA ARCHITECTS Co., Ltd.

Safe Water Prize

This is a very simple device that can produce safe water by 3D-printing clay mixed with water filtration materials into complex shapes. While I would really like to see the actual filtration of water, I appreciate the concept and the exquisite design. I imagine the finer structure will be designed for water filtration, but the larger shape can be freely changed and potentially used in a variety of different places.

Kosuke Kinoshita

FabCafe Kyoto MTRL Marketing and Production

Infrastructure-for-the-People Prize

This is a product-driven solution to the right of access to water. First of all, I was impressed by how it approaches water filtration not only as a chemical process, but also as a design process using structural materials that are readily available locally and have a low environmental impact. I was also impressed by how the technology takes local culture and industry as a base to make life in the region more sustainable in future. This fusion of technology and craft is very exciting.


Special Prize Winners