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Lichens as an bioindicators of "Well-being"

Yixuan Wang (collaborated with Julio Obscura)

  • #Plant
  • #Ecosystem
  • #Interactive art


  • The Living Lodestar Prize





Judge’s Comments

Darlene Damm

Faculty Chair and Former Vice President of Community and Impact, Singularity University

The Living Lodestar Prize

We live in a world that seems to get more and more complicated everyday and is plagued by large systemic problems - climate change, pollutants, health challenges and an unstable economy. At the same time, our world is increasingly filled with confusing, contradictory and false information. Many people are feeling anxious and helpless in this world. This project shares that despite this confusion and chaos, we can count on the humble lichen to guide us forward and help us see first hand how healthy the environment is immediately around us. Lichen is also freely available, and growing in many locations around the world. If the project does not do so already, I would love to see an interactive component where people around the world photograph and share the lichen in their lives and neighborhoods.


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