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Judge’s Comments

Aining Ouyang

REnato lab Chief Operations Officer

Seeing both the trees and the forest Prize

The issue of trees has been a matter of public concern for a long time. However, it is often only superficially understood. What makes the REWOOD project interesting is its comprehensive observation of the entire value chain and the establishment of cooperative relationships at each link. Additionally, trees are not only found in remote mountains but also in cities where most people live. By including street trees and pruned trees on school campuses in the discussion, the project offers a more diverse perspective.

Lucy Lu

Director General of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City

Black Gold Prize

This project is an inspiring story. It not only acknowledges the hard work of past generations by continuing the charcoal industry, but also revolutionizes that industry as a whole. The project is also ambitious, tackling problems that range from surplus bamboo production in Taiwan to domestic wood going unused and waste wood resulting from tree-pruning along roads. It proposes a comprehensive range of solutions and shows that through cooperation with different industries even tree species that are non-native to Taiwan could be put to commercially viable use in ways that resonate with the needs and livelihoods of the Taiwanese people. This technology is expected to develop and expand even more in future.


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