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Sargablock / 特別賞

BlueGreen México


It is a 100% organic block, composed of 40% sargassum and 60% organic material



Thus, the ‘Sargablock’ nation, with the construction of a house, I saw in the sargassum an opportunity to grow its gardening business since 2015, when the beaches of the southeastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo received the first massive landslides of this macroalgae.
The first years I used the sargassum as fertilizer and sold it to my clients in small quantities, but with the passage of time and seeing that each day the quantity that reached the coast was increasing, I began to carry out the first tests to make one of his childhood dreams.
I just wanted to have a little adobe house, one that I built with my own hands, that’s why I built it within the nursery’s land and even designed a smaller one for the “aluxes”, the Mayan elves who, according to tradition, take care of the milpas and the grounds.

But my project attracted so much attention that I decided to listen to advice and began to process all the permits to patent the first block of sargassum.

I used sargassum as the main raw material, and from there all the composting can be done, all the organic matter to achieve what is now the ‘sargablock’, the first block of sargassum (for construction) in the world, patented since 2018

Casa Angelita, as I called the first sargassum house in honor of my mother, is made with blocks of this algae that are made with raw materials by hand.

It can have a durability, in ideal conditions, with its finishes and everything, of up to 120 years. Casa Angelita is composed of 20 tons of sargassum.

There are 20 tons equivalent to 2 thousand 150 blocks of sargassum.
Beyond the possibility of creating sources of employment and making use of sargassum, which is now seen as one of the great environmental problems facing the entire region, I consider that it is a strong call from nature to protect our seas.

“That we raise awareness, this is happening with the beaches, the sea is very wise and is telling us something. This contamination that we have done for many years, is taking care, it is taking care of what we have”










Lingchih Yang

FabCafe Toulouse 共同創業者


The ecosystem has lost its balance due to our neglect in the past. Now, we need to deal with the mistakes that we have made. Meanwhile, we have a chance to think about how to live harmoniously with other creatures and the natural world as our ancestors did in the past.
Since 2015, the Blue Green Mexico Company has tried to find a solution to turn the thing which is harmful to their living area into something useful. The sargassum block is an impressive invention. This invention reduces the quantity of sargassum (toxic), creates job opportunities (local economic impact), improves the life quality of low-income families (social issue), and decreases the impact on the environment (durability of the product). With these reasons, we are pleased to give the Special Prize to the Sargablock project.
Sargassum is a massive growth on the tropical coast. The harmful algae bloom damages fragile coast and coral ecosystems. The experience of the Blue Green Mexico company might inspire other places that face the same algae problem to invent different products that adopt local needs. I look forward to having an exchange with them to understand their R&D process, the difficulties and prospectives.

2015年から、Blue Green Mexico Companyは、彼らの生活圏において有害なものを有益なものに変えるソリューションに取り組んでいます。Sargablockと呼ばれるこの海藻ブロックは、眼を見張るような発明です。この発明により、漂着した海藻(分解時に毒素を発生する)の量を減らし、雇用機会を創出して地域経済に貢献し、低所得者層の生活の質を向上させて社会問題を低減、さらには耐久性のある建築資材の創出により環境への影響を減少させます。以上の理由により、私たちは「Sargablock」プロジェクトに特別賞を授与します。
ホンダワラ属の海藻は、熱帯の海岸に繁殖していますが、これらの藻類が大量発生すると、脆弱な海岸やサンゴの生態系にとって有害な存在となります。Blue Green Mexico Companyの経験は、海藻に同じく悩まされている他の地域が、地域のニーズを取り入れた異なる製品を発明するきっかけになるかもしれません。彼らの研究開発プロセス、困難と展望を理解するために、ぜひ彼らと交流したいと思っています。


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