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Regenerated Prize(再生エネルギー活用賞)

Plant-Based Fiber Products



We recycle renewable agri-waste to develop biodegradable “Plant-Based Fiber Products” that can be metabolized by microbes, naturally decomposed into water and nutrients, and returned to nature for reuse.



JuTian Cleantech takes “waste reuse” as its core brand value, recycling and applying natural agri-waste, we have long-term and stable cooperation and development with OEMs, from sourcing raw materials to molding, assisting existing plastic factories to transform into innovative materials, improving life-cycle planning, and jointly establishing a sustainable green supply chain.

Since the invention of plastic, plastic products have been deeply integrated into people’s living habits. Although it brings a lot of single-use convenience, it also causes incalculable harm and affects the next generation’s coexistence with the environment. According statistics, 8 to 13 million tons of plastic waste enters the global marine environment every year, and in response to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable living, JuTian Cleantech first partnered with Taiwan’s leading supermarket chain 7-ELEVEN last July to develop products that are plastic-free, low-carbon, naturally decomposable, and ensure the recycling of resources to implement SDGs Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production models, and Goal 13: Take action to improve the impact of climate change on the Earth. In addition to providing plant-based fiber bottles for in-store promotion, and also offering a NT$5 discount on each cup of freshly made beverages when reusable using eco-friendly sustainable bottles. Encourage consumers to take eco-friendly actions in their daily lives to reduce the burden on the environment and fulfill the “Blue Ocean Vision” together. This project has so far reduced the use of 10 million single-use plastic cups in Taiwan.

Under the global plastic restriction, the demand for eco-friendly products has increased greatly. In addition to the advantage of natural decomposition, biodegradable materials do not produce Dioxin by combustion, and the amount of heat released by combustion is lower and the carbon footprint is less than that of traditional plastics.

This concept is internationally recognized and has been sold in more than 30 countries, mainly in Europe and the United States, and has reduced 500 million disposable plastic products and 3,600 tons of carbon emissions generated by combustion for global enterprises, echoing the market demand for eco-friendly products.







Lingchih Yang

FabCafe Toulouse 共同創業者

Regenerated Prize(再生エネルギー活用賞)

If we cannot eliminate the need to manufacture certain everyday objects, the least we can do is to make them in a green way. It is a brilliant idea to use sunlight and recycled water during the production process, and to give agricultural waste a new life/function. This technique can be introduced into many different countries which share similar challenges. I am also impressed to learn that the concept can be applied to different fields as well, such as that of eletronic components for example.



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