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Lifelong Product Prize(一生使えるプロダクト賞)




PACKBAGS is a bag and accessory line built on the foundations of modular and circular design. Through creating products that are durable and easy to repair and update, and experimenting with a modular system that allows us to work together with a variety of craftsmen, we aim to rethink the ‘make, break, throw away’ culture that dominates the world of fashion now.



PACKBAGS is a bag and accessory line built on the foundations of modularity and circularity.
Our aim is to be at the forefront of re-thinking consumption culture by offering a system that enables a much longer, and ideally an infinitive lifespan of products, while also adding an element of ‘play’ to this serious task of working towards a ‘circular future’.

We create long-lasting products that are assembled from repairable and replaceable modules. In our catalogue, each piece, from the earliest to the most current, is still available today as a testament that good design outlives trends.

Each item is designed, developed and produced at our workshop in Amsterdam. PACKBAGS employs a staff of 5 individuals with a passion for crafts and durable design.

We use quality materials that are made in Europe. 100% of the bags and accessories are produced in Europe. Where a collaborative effort with local artisans has culminated in inventive forms and use achieved through novel approaches to age-old techniques.

PACKBAGS was founded in London, United Kingdom in 2012 by Alei Verspoor, designer and creative director following her graduation from the Royal College of Arts.

Throughout her career, Alei Verspoor (1985) has been aiming to challenge the lifespan and construction methods of textile products. She is driven by a fascination for play, technique and artisanship, having worked on explorative design projects with artisans from Taiwan and Morocco. She has worked across a range of disciplines such as sportswear, accessories, interior, and print design working with the likes of O’Neill, Urban Outfitters, and AGU. Occasionally she gives lectures and workshops on modular and circular design. Her work has been exhibited at /MAISON Osaka, London Design Fair, and Dutch Design Week amongst others.





パックバッグは、デザイナー兼クリエイティブディレクターのAlei Verspoorがロイヤルカレッジオブアーツを卒業後、2012年にイギリス・ロンドンで設立されました。

1985年生まれのAlei Verspoorは、そのキャリアを通じて、テキスタイル製品の寿命と製造方法に挑戦することを目指してきました。遊び心、技術、職人技に魅了され、台湾やモロッコの職人たちと共に探求的なデザインプロジェクトに取り組んできた。オニール、アーバンアウトフィッターズ、AGUなど、スポーツウェア、アクセサリー、インテリア、プリントデザインなど、さまざまな分野の仕事を手がけている。また、モジュラーデザインやサーキュラーデザインに関する講義やワークショップも行っている。彼女の作品は、MAISON大阪、ロンドンデザインフェア、ダッチデザインウィークなどで展示されている。



Amorpol Huvanandana

moreloop 共同創業者

Lifelong Product Prize(一生使えるプロダクト賞)

I want one!!! This was my first reaction when I learned about PACKBAGS. The products and the branding look amazing, and their application of multiple circular economy strategies are truly impressive. I can feel that their customers will be very proud to own one of their bags, and will help the brand to scale through word of mouth.

欲しい!!! これが、PACKBAGSを知ったときの最初の反応でした。製品もブランディングも素晴らしく、複数の循環型経済戦略を適用していることに、本当に感銘を受けました。このバッグを手にした人は、きっと誇りに思うでしょうし、口コミでブランドが広がっていくことでしょう。


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