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株式会社digglue / digglue. inc

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Judge’s Comments

Aining Ouyang

REnato lab COO

DPP Forerunner Prize

This is a project that combines experimental and systematic potential. When it comes to "circularity," most people overlook that "waste" is just the result, and the "cause" is the "disconnection in the relationship between people and objects." This project leverages technology to rekindle friendly relationships between 'the majority of people' and 'a vast number of objects,' and it also showcases a new concept that is currently underway in the global direction of DPP.


廣末 幸子 / Sachiko Hirosue

株式会社大阪鉛錫精錬所 代表取締役社長

We care when we See Award

Giving agency to the consumer to make choices beyond material desire, to affect cultural values, can affect the business models of the manufacturers to choose values in addition to profit. However, this is still a very underdeveloped part of the circular economy.

Early models to affect cultural change by directly addressing consumers, has commonality with the HIV/AIDS charity concerts. In this model, there was consumption of culture (initiated by artists) to send out the message to change culture (discrimination against the infected). When it comes to material things, the plastic shopping bag, polluting and harming life on land and sea, is another highly visible consumer awareness to cultural change movement. But is the alternative solution, replacement by every other organization giving out cotton shopping bags, a true solution? Is another form of consumption appeasing our guilt of consuming plastic bags? Who is looking at the entire life cycle when the cycle involves so many players? This project has the potential to address this - by making every step traceable.

Being seen is one of the best ways to involve diverse partners to come up with creative solutions, and ultimately changing social behaviours. The choice of the NFC tag brings the consumer closer to the product life cycle in an inexpensive way. Given, one has a smart phone, why not just a QR code? That Digglue has already made such a passport for EU and other projects is exciting.

CrQlr Awards entry No.80, which is submitted by the same group, digglue, completes the cycle. Why not take the consumer part and bring it full circle by connecting the waste to recycling, certifying the materials to be chosen by the manufacturer?




diggueの同じグループがcrQlr Awards 2023に提出したプロジェクト(No.80、デジタル製品パスポート&環境貢献PRツール「MateRe-DPP」)と合わせれば、このサイクルを完成させられます。消費者をそこに組み込むことで廃棄物をリサイクルに繋げ、メーカーが製造に使える材料として認証するような、全体的な循環を構築できるのでは?


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