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Seaweed Dialogues

Alberte Holmø Bojesen

  • #bio-material
  • #Ecocentric
  • #digital-collaboration


  • Uniting Factor Prize





Judge’s Comments

Anni Korkman

プログラムディレクター(Helsinki Design Week & Weekly、Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale、Luovi Productions Ltd)

Uniting Factor Prize

There are several seaweed experiments out there at the moment but the Seaweed Dialogues manages to bring something new to the conversation. The work does not neglect the educational and communicative aspect of reimagining the origin of material production. Kelp and seaweed can be found (and made sustainably use of) all around the world and works such as Seaweed Dialogues have the potential of bringing these materials developers and designers together. Would be great to see the project actively engaging with designers, consumers, professionals and other industries, too. “If algae is consciously utilised, it could be a collaborator toward a more mindful and sustainable future”.

昆布や海藻は世界中に存在し(そして持続可能な方法で利用することができ)、Seaweed Dialoguesのような作品は、そうした素材を開発する人々ととデザイナーを結びつける可能性を秘めています。このプロジェクトが、デザイナー、消費者、専門家、その他の業界とも積極的に関わるようになるといいと思います。「藻類が意識的に活用されれば、よりマインドフルで持続可能な未来に向けた協力者になれるかもしれません」。


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