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Renewed Tech Relationship Prize

“Upcycled Speakers” in collaboration with art

Tina Audio Co., Ltd.


These speakers are made by upcycling components of discarded used products and repurposing them as works of art to be painted by artists.

By overhauling (replacing parts), the performance remains the same and can continue to be used.
We want you to use our products for a long time! This is why we developed Upcycle.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

■What is upcycling?
Upcycling is one of the ways of sustainable manufacturing.
Upcycling is the process of taking something that should have been thrown away and giving it new value by upgrading it into a different product.

■About Upcycling Initiatives
We wanted to find out what we could do to reduce waste and contribute to the environment by reusing products instead of discarding them.

Therefore, we have decided to implement the “upcycling” initiative, in which components that would normally be discarded are upgraded and reborn as new products by adding new value in the form of art.

■About the products
Until now, used products have been taken back for replacement, such as for size upgrades.
Although they could still be used, they had to be disposed of because they had scratches, peeling paint, etc. and could not be resold.
By overhauling (replacing parts), we can continue to use the product without changing its performance.
We want people to use our products for a long time! This is why we have started the upcycling program.

Artists paint the products on canvas.
Each product is designed differently, including scratches, and we hope you will feel attachment to the product as well as its history.
We are creating an opportunity for sustainable manufacturing by collaborating with art.

Each product is one-of-a-kind, and the artist’s unique view of the world will be developed.

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Comments from Judges

Yeliz Mert

Knowledge Sharing Coordinator at Global Landscapes Forum

Renewed Tech Relationship Prize

While we started discussing fashion and food waste more and more, we're still slow in responding to the growing wicked problem of technological waste. Few companies take responsibility on the problem and offer solutions. Repair, take back and upcycling services are particularly important when it comes to technological products, because they aren't easily fixed by the consumers themselves.

It's responsible of this company to provide that additional service and sort out its own waste stream by upcycling. Using art as a way of enhancing the products also shows you how creativity can bring new life to an old product that could be easily thrown away in today's world.

It would be interesting to learn more about how much of their sales are upcycled this way to see its real impact.

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