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Urban Architecture Prize


Asanuma Corporation Nagoya Branch Office Renovation Project



Asanuma corporation renovate a 30-year-old building into an environment-friendly building.The existing building frame was utilized and modified to increase accessibility to natural light and wind, and new materials were added as much as possible using natural materials such as earth and wood.This project is an attempt to reposition architecture in a cycle that is good for people and the earth.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

It was considered that the social role of the construction industry in the global environment age in which the form of the new coexistence with nature is required is to tackle “the environment-conscious renewal” which escaped from the conventional scrap and build and was also conscious of wellness and resource circulation.
In this case, we will enhance accessibility to natural light and wind, and proactively incorporate civil, civil, and greenery to create a comfortable environment.
And, this paper demands the quality which uses the material which does not contain the hazardous chemical substance, designs on the assumption of the circulation use, is produced in the socially fair process, and withstands the recovery and reuse.
The building was regarded as a passing point of material flow and a material storage warehouse, and natural materials such as newly added civil engineering and civil engineering materials were designed to be separable, and each of them can be recovered as a material after the end of its life, and natural materials can be reused or returned to the soil, and artificial materials are up-cycled as much as possible to return to the circulation of the industrial world, aiming at the construction of a new material flow of the city toward the construction of a recycling-oriented society.


Comments from Judges

Kotaro Iwaoka

Hidakuma CEO

Urban Architecture Prize

What is the rationale for urban architecture? It does seem that there are individual buildings which have sacrificed the urban environment in order to achieve an artificial comfort. This office building project not only creates a better urban space, it reveals the connection between the city and surrounding areas by bringing the processes of material production and circulation, which were previously left to rural areas, into the heart of the city.

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