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Creating not throwing away, recycling creativity. Usable, but thrown away…
There is a worldwide movement to propose the next life cycle for discarded items through recycling, reuse, and upcycling. We will create a cycle of discovering, finding, and reusing materials that are created by people’s socioeconomic activities and once passed through society.
This project is a mechanism for circular design that maximizes the lifespan of outdoor advertisements, which are discarded two weeks after being displayed, to 10 years, the original lifespan of the material, and circulates them back into society. Specifically, in order to bridge the gap between the lifespan of outdoor advertisements made of tarpaulin and the lifespan of the material, we have completed the construction of an eco-system for collection, materialization, and utilization from the perspective of circular design.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

This project is a circular design ecosystem for outdoor advertising. Currently, non-digital outdoor advertisements are used only once and discarded two weeks after being displayed. We collect and process them with special technology to make them reusable, extending the lifespan of outdoor advertising to 10 years, the original useful life of the material.
The used outdoor advertisements are discarded due to intellectual property rights. Our idea is to print a secret pattern on the used outdoor ads, thereby completely hiding the IP that existed on them. This will enable the reuse of outdoor ads.


Comments from Judges

Kousuke Kinoshita

FabCafe Kyoto MTRL Marketing and Production

Versatile Design Prize

I was thrilled by this solution as it applies lateral thinking to a dying technology. Circularity in outdoor advertising is technically feasible but has been hindered by complex structural issues. I love how this solution makes use of existing printing equipment, creates general-purpose materials instead of new products, and is designed with expansion in mind. I also detect a critical gaze being turned on the companies which continue to cover cities with huge advertisements promoting consumption and then immediately throw them away.

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