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Resource Education Award

Trash Encyclopedia (“Trashpedia”)

Zero Waste Malaysia


Trashpedia is a one-click, one-stop solution platform that educates Malaysians about waste segregation while offering zero waste alternatives in the local context.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

This Trash Encyclopedia first came about to address the local misconceptions about recycling – that many things in Malaysia can be recycled, are recycled and don’t go to the landfills. This platform focused on education from the perspective of recyclables as that’s more prominent amongst Malaysians. Once readers have understood the properties of each common household item and whether or not they are widely recycled locally, the platform encourages sustainable alternatives. For example, swapping from a plastic bottle to a reusable one.

An additional tool called the Zero Waste Map also allows readers to pinpoint their nearest recycling collection or drop-off points (across Malaysia). It is also integrated with other zero waste services such as categories for repair services, package-free shopping, thrift stores, zero waste pet care and more!

The upgraded version to be launched by end of October will feature this platform in 3 other main Malaysian languages – a combined 4 languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin & Tamil) to be as inclusive to all Malaysians as possible.

To date, the website has received over 12,000 users across Malaysia and even overseas! We have received testimonials and feedback of its effectiveness in spreading knowledge about recycling and everything needed to try out some zero waste living actions.

The ultimate goal and hope for this platform is to be give everyone the education and knowledge needed to understand the importance of reducing waste and taking action at the individual level.


Comments from Judges

Mitchell van Dooijeweerd

Sustainability Manager of DGTL Festival / Revolution Foundation

Resource Education Award

Waste is a big problem in the world, but nodody knows how to solve it yet. We as consumers can make it easier for processors by seperating our household waste. Education is key in this transition, creating collective effort and a shared responsibility. We need one-click/one-stop solutions like Trashpedia to share knowledge and create this movement. Nowadays people are not informed sufficient to know how they can reduce their household waste or at companies. Next to that, there needs to be more transparency in the processing sector too, Trashpedia could help with that transition too. Trashpedia is local yet, but it could be applied globally too.

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