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Best Bridge Builder Prize / MMHG Upcycle Prize


Co-creation project to update food sustainability by upcycling.

Koru Inc.


A co-creation project that aims to reduce food loss and sustainably update food by promoting upcycling of unused resources (substandard agricultural and marine products, peels, shells, tailings, etc.) in the food sector.
20 co-creation partners (as of September 23, 2022)

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

In February 2021, we started by operating a web media called “Social Good Catalyst” that disseminates information on social issues and businesses that are working to solve them.
In the process of managing the media, I learned that the food system has a very large negative impact on the environment, health and economy. Also, since food is something that affects all people, I thought that if we could change people’s mindsets and behaviors here, we would be able to create a very large positive impact.
Therefore, in January 2022, we will start the “UP FOOD PROJECT” to promote problem solving through co-creation of multiple companies, focusing on the food loss area.


Comments from Judges

Yeliz Mert

Knowledge Sharing Coordinator at Global Landscapes Forum

Best Bridge Builder Prize

Food waste reduction, (agricultural) material valuation and building collaborative capacity are valuable approaches towards tackling important issues connected to economical activities which affect ecological wellbeing. Decreasing food waste and better utilization of existing agricultural resources would help easing the pressure on land for more (food) production (from rice husks for paper to vegetable scraps for dye).

And in the process, these approaches can create awareness among economical players for better operational processes and business models, as this project has a particularly collaborative character. I think this very point makes this project standout. I really appreciate that the project is willing to take a co-created approach (which is not always easy!) and that it's building an ecosystem by connecting different players. We really need organizations which are investing their human resources and time into building collaborative capacity with others. There is no other way, of course. We need to work together to make use of each other's skills, processes, machineries, so we can collectively change our production systems into integrated and connected ones. This in itself is another way of going 'no waste'. :)

Building and maintaining relationships with others is so important in creating a circular economy system. This becomes especially tangible and strong when there is a common regional area where these players operate, which can help them build ties to each other, their natural environment and the society around it. I'm curious if you thought how you want to build and cherish your (business) relationships and build a regional connection?

Richie Lin

Founder & CEO at MUME Hospitality Group, Head Chef of MUME

MMHG Upcycle Prize

Food waste has always been a frequently asked question in our society, and this project tackles the problem in a creative way by taking wasted food and re-valuing it in the form of new products. At the same time, it is crucially important to develop multiple practical products for consumers to use on a daily basis! Making use of what was originally regarded as waste, recycling it to give it a new value, and attracting consumers to buy and use it: this is truly a sustainable system!

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