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Upcycle Sound Prize

Mirai Instruments Labo



We created instruments with new tones and functions from various “scrap” materials.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

I have always been in the business of making and playing musical instruments from everyday items around me.
This is a very rewarding challenge, but…
In the future, it will definitely be required to use materials and technologies with low environmental impact, not only in music but also in any other field.
Therefore, I took on the challenge of making musical instruments from “scrap” (i.e., things that can no longer be discarded).

This is a severe restriction, but in fact, this “restriction” is the key to creating new products.
It is better to say, “You can make anything you want! but rather, “Make something interesting out of this that you have nothing else to throw away! It is better to say, “Make something interesting with this that you have no choice but to throw away!

However, I thought that even if we were to use scrap materials, it would not be enough to use “substitutes for instruments that originally existed.
Tones, functions, and designs that didn’t exist before.
The essential interest lies in the ingenious use of scrap metal for the heart of the instrument.

If you devise, new value will be born.
I hope this message is conveyed to you!


Comments from Judges

Amorpol Huvanandana

Co-founder of Moreloop

Upcycle Sound Prize

I had the biggest smile when I heard the music that came out of Marai instruments. The sounds were not what I expected as each instrument can create multiple pitches with beautiful tones. To me, these instruments are truly original and the amount of thinking, effort, and time put into creating them is truly admirable.

I believe that music is an extremely powerful force and the performance of Marai instruments is one of the best ways to introduce children to waste upcycling and circular economy concepts.

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