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Utilized The Underutilized Prize


Initiatives for valorization of unused fiber materials



Today, the recycling of textile resources in the textile and fashion industry is becoming increasingly important. Each process of mass production inevitably generates offcuts and out-of-spec products, which are treated as “almost worthless” and most of them are not utilized except for a small portion that is melted, unraveled, or crushed for use. Considering the sustainability of the textile industry and the global environment, we started development in 2013 with the belief that it is inevitable to utilize “underutilized textile materials”.
Taking advantage of the location where the textile industry is concentrated, we upcycled unutilized fiber waste with our proprietary technology using biopolymer derived from inedible parts of sugarcane, and NUNOUS is a newly developed material with not only environmental performance but also high designability, design and narrative. NUNOUS, with its versatile processability, has potential for a wide range of applications, including hotel and commercial facility interiors and fixtures, stationery, and fashion.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

When considering the ideal state of our company, which has been consistently engaged in the textile business since its establishment in 1880, and the sustainability of the textile industry and the global environment, we thought it was inevitable to utilize “unused textile materials”. It is said that the textile industry generates more than 35 million tons of waste and incineration annually, and emits 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases annually, making it a common issue worldwide. Although cloth is a familiar material to everyone, upcycling has not progressed because it is technically difficult to recycle substandard fabrics, and it is difficult to value them. It is no longer possible for each company to solve problems alone or within the fashion industry, and I thought that we needed a scheme and technology that would allow us to collaborate with consumers and companies in other fields. In 2013, we started research and development using substandard textiles of our company.


Comments from Judges

Amorpol Huvanandana

Co-founder of Moreloop

Utilized The Underutilized Prize

I love how NUNOUS uses “underutilized textile materials” and upcycles them further using proprietary technology and biopolymer to produce new and truly original materials that can be made into products in the fashion, construction or even the stationery industries. Given its functions and upcycle elements, I believe that the demand for this product will grow astoundingly fast in the coming years.

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