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Tree Friendly Prize

Recycling Service for Reusable Packaging Materials Aims to Reduce as Much Waste as Possible from Deliveries

~Connecting Delivery" with stible~.

88Base inc.


The “stible” recycling service for reusable packaging materials, which aims to reduce the amount of waste generated by deliveries, is one way to address the social issue of mass production and mass consumption.
The key phrase is “still usable. The keywords “still usable,” “still usable,” and “still usable as a resource and material,” express the idea of “cherish one item and use it for a long time” and the message that “even if it is no longer usable, don’t throw it away.
We believe that the true value of reusable packaging materials is to convey this message and make it part of the culture.

When conventional cardboard boxes are used, the process stops at “recycle/disposal,” and it is difficult to communicate with customers. However, with the stible service, “coupon communication/point communication” will occur between the store, customer, and stible. In other words, we believe that a community will be born naturally.
We believe that “co-creation” will be born from the community, and co-creation will lead to “empathy and sharing,” which in turn will lead to even greater “co-creation. We believe that this “co-creation, empathy, and sharing” will further expand our efforts to address social issues.

Future Prospects
Operation of press release-type owned media with the theme of “co-creation and circulation
We would like to create a place where companies that have introduced stible and organizations that are working on social issues can disseminate their information.

Detailed explanation of the submitted project or idea.

It was my experience during a 3-month study abroad program in the Philippines that inspired me to start a company and business that addresses social issues. I saw children walking barefoot, parents and children sleeping on concrete, and children who could not go to school and had to earn money from tourists for a living. Seeing such scenes made me realize how blessed I am in Japan. From there, I began to research poverty and realized that there are many social issues other than poverty, and that these issues are not completely unrelated to each other, but are connected to each other. From there, I searched for what I could do and which social issues I should work on. I focused on packaging materials (cardboard boxes) that are piled up in large quantities at garbage dumps and other places. I wondered if it would be possible to reuse and recycle packaging materials instead of throwing them away, and this is how this business was started. We are developing this service based on our vision of “creating a society of co-creation, empathy, and sharing.


Comments from Judges

Lingchih Yang

FabCafe Toulouse Co-founder

Tree Friendly Prize

Each day, we cut down an enormous number of trees to produce packages we throw away after a single use. If the companies that rely on the daily delivery or shipping of products can consider using this substitute solution to replace cardboard boxes, I am sure they will contribute to saving millions of trees every year.

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