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In the Loop – A Circularity-driven Popup Community Event

In the Loop – A Circularity-driven Popup Community Event

Want to be In the Loop? Join us for sustainable food and drink, workshops, and unique popup markets!

What is “In the Loop”?

In the Loop is a circularity-driven popup community hosted FabCafe in partnership with Ekolokal.

In the Loop is a place for creatives, startups, and companies from around the world to try out new things and make connections around a shared consciousness and passion for circular design and sustainability-driven ideas, products and services.

Through the In the Loop community, we aim to increase meaningful collaboration, experiment boldly with new materials, methods, and ideas, and engage deeply with local and global sustainability-inspired creatives, startups, and companies.

Why “In the Loop”?

“In the Loop” has two meanings:

First, “loop” is a reference to circular economy which aims to replace the linear create-use-throw away lifecycle in favor of a circular system where materials are reused, products are upcycled and waste is designed out.

Second, “In the Loop” can also mean “to be in the know”.

Together as a community, members aspire towards gaining a high level of consciousness and shared knowledge around circular design and sustainability. This feeling of inclusion and shared consciousness aims to encourage a deeper and meaningful connection among community members.

In the Loop 4 Popup Areas

Experience - DIY your DYE: An indigo dyeing workshop where you can dye your own clothes, socks, etc.!


Experience DIY workshops to learn about circular ways of making.

Eat and drink - Only at FabCafe! CRUST Beer made from upcycled bread seamlessly paired with the fried chicken of the future, Karaage 2.0!

Eat and drink

Eat delicious circularity-driven food with a Chef popup in the FabCafe open kitchen.

Discover old - Find your new look at our Swap market by discover new value in gently used items!

Discover old

What is "good stuff"? Upcycled stuff is good stuff! Let's swap at the Swap Market!

Discover new - Well-designed, carefully curated new sustainable goods market by minimal living tokyo.!

Discover new

What are the products available to adapt a more sustainable lifestyle?

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