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crQlr Awards 2022

crQlr Awards 2022

The crQlr Awards are a global movement to celebrate initiatives in the circular economy.


The Global Award that Designs Circular Economy
crQlr Awards 2022

How can we transform our current economic system into a circular one? We believe that the power of design can make this transition possible.

Circular design, which is indispensable for making a truly sustainable economy a reality, requires not only practical know-how in the existing industries, but also broadening one’s horizons through exposure to local and global projects, as well as harnessing the creativity of entrepreneurs, artists, and experts in a wide range of fields. As a means to accomplish this goal, we present the crQlr Awards.

The crQlr Awards will connect the international creators and professionals currently designing the future with a jury of sustainability leaders in order to support the collective creation of the blueprints of a new world.

We welcome projects and ideas from all the creators who share the crQlr vision!

What we want


New and upcycled materials and processing technologies that disrupt the linear economy. Thoughtful products and services that make use of innovative materials. Activities which utilize sustainable materials in a clever way.

New design & application

Creative projects (products, apps, experience design, DX, services, educational programs, etc.) that provide new value in support of a circular economy. Designs which make us think, “This design should have been here all along!” or “This application makes it easy to be sustainable” are very welcome.


Projects with measurable and immeasurable impact. From city-scale initiatives to awe-inspiring works of art. Works that give us hope while impacting society, education, economy, and manufacturing industries.


Cities and companies that have developed ESG and are committed to changing the way they do business with measurable, sustainable goals.


Submission period

Thu, Sep 1st, 2022(12:00 JST) – Oct 14, 2022(12:00 JST)


Anyone can apply regardless of nationality, age, or gender. Entry is open to the public and can include individuals, groups, municipalities, startups and/or established companies. Working professionals as well as students are welcome to apply.

Cost of entry


How to enter

  • STEP 1 … Registration on the AWRD platform. (free of charge)
  • STEP 2 … Checking application requirements.
  • STEP 3 … Filling out the entry form and submitting the application.

About Entries

  • Images of the project or idea (4 images) *Required
  • Title *Required
  • Description of the submitted project *Required
  • Other questionary

Please click here for the detailed application outline.


  • Jury prizes … Each 10 judges will award a unique prize name and individual comment to the 5 winning entries chosen from their own vision and areas of expertise.
  • Special prize … Five judges from FabCafe Global will select three entries among the projects and ideas aimed at solving a local community issue, regardless of category or community size. All entries will automatically be considered for the Special Prize and the winners will receive personal comments from the judges.


  • Receive individual comments from crQlr Judges, including leading experts in sustainability. These comments will be posted on Loftwork and FabCafe promotional materials. (These comments will be considered as Creative Commons).
  • Winners will receive “crQlr Certification” kits to support and promote your circular economy initiatives.
  • Promotion on the FabCafe, Loftwork websites and social media as well as media sponsor communication channels such as IDEAS FOR GOOD and Circular Economy Hub.
  • Potential to be invited to the crQlr Summit (online or offline) to present projects, take part in open discussion sessions and receive live feedback from judges.
  • Potential to brush up business plans and services, business matching.


crQlr Awards schedule
crQlr Awards schedule

Call for entry

Call for entry is an online platform for launching design challenges. with 30,000 creative users, the platform will host the crQlr Awards.

The awards are open to both large-scale projects and planned ideas for the realization of the circular economy. The judges will be 19 guests of various nationalities, professions and roles.


Join and contact

Interested in exploring circular design with us? It all starts right here!