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Circular Design Scramble

Circular Design Scramble


Thinking with Others about Services for a Recycling-Oriented Society


A workshop for working with others to envision ideas for the realization of a recycling-based society

The Circular Design Scramble is a workshop where participants representing various industries and professions form a team to create ideas for circular services for themselves, basing their ideas on the issues faced by the “theme owner,” who is chosen from among the team members.

To realize a circular economy, it is necessary to redesign the existing social system and supply chain from scratch. Instead of simply selling products, how can we design the actual products and their circulation structure to ensure that these goods can be shared and used by society going forward? In other words, how can we eliminate the concept of garbage in the first place, instead of just thinking about how to dispose of it? In order to create these recycling-oriented services, we need to think outside the box.

What can we do?

The key lies in understanding what “common assumptions” are in the first place. By recognizing our own assumptions, we gain a clear picture of what exactly needs to change.


How does implementation happen?

Breaking down common assumptions via outside perspectives, and then restructuring

What may be taken for granted in one industry or company may seem unthinkable to others. When combined with fresh ideas, a change in perspective can be highly rewarding. Asking if something really is necessary, wondering if something could be used in a different way, or suggesting a joint effort between two groups – these kinds of queries can break down the blockages caused by assumptions. Using the strengths of others to restructure (or “reframe”) enables people to move beyond their set ways and see things from a fresh angle. This shift can also be the gateway to otherwise unconsidered circular services.

With the Circular Design Scramble, we present a space for services to move away from the linear and toward the circular. Here, participants receive outside opinions from their team members and become aware of commonly held perceptions.

Explore the new!

Creating ideas for others can also lead to new discoveries for the creator.

Furthermore, creating ideas for others can present opportunities for discovering new points of view and approaches to the creator as well. Depending on the individual, one just might find the perfect collaborative partner. This is why we expect to encounter ideas here which will actually go on to be implemented in society.


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