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2nd Annual crQlr Awards 2022, the Global Awards for Designing a Circular Economy

2nd Annual crQlr Awards 2022, the Global Awards for Designing a Circular Economy

The "crQlr Awards 2022" are open again this year! The global awards for designing a circular economy, "crQlr Awards (Circular Awards) 2022", are now open for entries!

crQlr Awards 2022, a global award for designing a circular economy, is now accepting applications!

The “crQlr Awards” will be launched in 2021 as the first awards in the field of “circular design” in Japan. The awards will be presented to large-scale projects and ideas in the planning stages with the aim of realizing a circular economy.

This year’s competition, the second of its kind, will again be held under the following three criteria: “to conduct a cyclical rather than linear evaluation,” “an award for action rather than fame,” and “to gain a global perspective. The judging panel will consist of five judges who are active in a variety of fields on the front lines in Japan and abroad, plus five members from FabCafe Global who are involved in sustainable activities in their respective regions. Together, the ten members will support companies and people who aim to realize a circular economy and seek to make it a reality.

And a new “crQlr Awards 2022 Special Award” has been established. We will be accepting and awarding activities and projects that have been created to solve issues that communities have, regardless of the category or the size of the community.

We look forward to the participation of circular ideas and projects that contribute to our lives, environment, and economy.

We look forward to receiving applications from companies, organizations, and municipalities that are implementing initiatives for a circular economy, as well as artists and designers who are working on the theme of a circular economy!


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